Speaker Notes - Winter 2024 CE Conference

Small Animal Program - Dr. David Dycus
Diagnosis and Stifle Braces
Forelimb Proceedings
Coast Approach to Diagnostics
Thinking Outside the Box for Management
The Ortho Exam and How to Get a Diagnosis Quickly
Regenerative Medicine

Equine Program - Dr. Stephen O'Grady
Hoof Casts
Low Heels
Barefoot Methodology
Looking at the Foot
Form and Function
White Line Disease
Wooden Shoe

Bovine Program - Dr. Jennifer Van Os
Animal Welfare
Calf Pairing
Cow Handling
Heat Stress

Practice Management - Bash Halow
Client Education
Valuable Conversations
Reasons Employees Don't Care
Money Talks


Speaker Notes - Fall Online CE

Dr. Julia Spade - Euthanasia and Advanced Pain Management

Speaker Notes - Summer 2023

Dr. John Bonagura - Small Animal Cardiology
1 Canine Myxomatous Valve Disease-VermontVMA
2 Canine Myxomatous Valve Disease-Presentation
3 Feline Cardiomyopathies - Vermont VMA
4 Feline Cardiomyopathies-Presentation Outline
5 Cardiac Arrhythmias-Reference Notes
6 ECG Reading-VermontVMA
7 Basic Echocardiography - Reference Notes


Dr. Erin Goodrich
1 Emerging Infectious Diseases VVMA Final 5_31_23
2 Necropsy Tips for the Practitioner


Dr. Elisha Frye 
1 Notes for VTVMA small ruminant abortion
2 Speaker Notes PDF for BVD VTVMA



Winter 2023

Small Animal Program - Dr. Pamela Perry
Anxiety Fears and Phobias
Canine Aggression
Feline Aggression
Feline Elimination Problems
Low-stress Handling

Large Animal Program - Bovine
Vet School Deja Vu...
Optimizing First AI...
Using Cow Physiology...
Reducing the Economic Burden.....

Large Animal Program - Equine - Dr. Toby Pinn-Woodcock
Diagnostic Tips for the Equine Practitioner
Endocrinology Updates
Equine Neuromuscular Disorders
Update on Equine Tick-borne Diseases