Dave Walker Award

Dr. David U. Walker was a second generation Vermont veterinarian. He practiced with his father in Morrisville for many years. He cared passionately about his profession and was intent on making it the best it could be. Dr. Walker wore many hats. He served as Vermont State Veterinarian at a  time when the State Veterinarian was also expected to serve as VVMA Secretary/Treasurer.  While serving the VVMA, Dr. Walker organized the continuing education meetings for the organization. Everything from securing speakers to arranging venues and lecture notes, if anything had to be done, “let Dave do it” became the motto.  He was also the designated  representative for veterinarians in the state legislature. He was often called upon to testify in veterinarians’ behalf, and did so tirelessly.

Dr. Walker served for approximately 15 years, and became a highly respected man, across the state and the nation. He served on the Board of Directors of the national State Veterinarians Association. 

When Dr. Walker passed away, the veterinary community lost a powerful advocate for our profession, but even more important, we lost a wonderful man.

In honor of the principles, devotion, commitment and spirit of this highly respected Vermont veterinarian, the VVMA established the Dave Walker Award in 1991. This award is not presented annually. It is reserved for those who have served the Vermont veterinary community and professional organizations in the same spirit as Dr. Dave Walker.

If you are interested in nominating someone for this award, please use this nomination form.

We are honored to announce that the Dave Walker Award was presented to Dr. Ruth Blauwiekel at our luncheon during the Winter 2024 CE Conference. 
Many former Dave Walker Award recipients were present at the luncheon.  Photo below:  Dr. Clinton Reichard, Dr. Millie Armstrong, Dr. Ruth, Dr. Liz Alton, Dr. Janet Carini, Dr. Lisa Nelson, Dr. Kristin Haas, Dr. Paul Howard



 Past Recipients of the Dave Walker Award

  2024 Dr. Ruth Blauwiekel
  2023 Dr. Kristin Haas
  2020 Dr. Millie Armstrong
  2018 Dr. Janet Carini
  2017 Dr. Virginia Clarke
  2014 Dr. Elizabeth Alton
  2011 Dr. Juliann Moenter
  2010 Dr. Susan Hayden 
  2009 Dr. Michael Wood
  2006 Dr. Paul Howard
  2004 Dr. H. Clinton Reichard
  2003 Dr. Ronald Veenema​
  2002 Drs. Lisa Nelson and Thomas Munschauer
  2001 Dr. Colleen Bloom
  1999 Dr. Samuel Hutchins
  1998 Dr. Anthony Ellis
  1996 Dr. Robert Treat
  1995 Dr. Donald Peddie
  1993 Dr. J. Clyde Johnson
  1992 Dr. John Stetson
  1991 Dr. Jon Stokes


Dr. Millie Armstrong, Dr. Lisa Nelson, Dr. Paul Howard, Dr. Liz Alton, Dr. Kristin Haas, Dr. Ron Veenema, Dr Janet Carini, Dr. Thomas Munschauer
CE Meeting 2023


Dave Walker Award 2020 - Group Photo




Drs.  Ron Veenema, Paul Howard, Virginia Clark, Clinton Reichard (top), Janet Carini, Millie Armstrong, Susan Hayden, and Lisa Nelson, past Dave Walker Award recipients at VVMA Winter CE Meeting 2020