Financial Resources for Pet Owners

In a continuing effort to promote cooperation between animal shelters and veterinarians, the VVMA encourages its members to participate in the “Complimentary Exam Program.”   This program is voluntary on the part of individual veterinarians who agree to donate a physical examination for pets who are newly adopted through shelters and qualified animal rescue organizations.  Pet owners should check with their veterinarian to be sure he/she is participating and redeem it within one month.  

Having trouble affording veterinary care for your pet?  Here is a list of state and national resources for pet owners in need, including low-cost spay and neuter services.  If you live in Chittenden or Grand Isle County, you can also obtain low-cost services through the Humane Society Community Pet Clinic.

Created in 2006, the Vermont Spay Neuter Incentive Program (VSNIP) allows income-eligible Vermonters to get their pets spayed or neutered for $27.  This program is made possible through the participation of 80 veterinarians.  It is funded by a yearly charge on dog license registrations, and is under the direction of the Vermont Agency of Human Services.  For more information, please contact VSNIP at 
or call them toll free at 844-448-7647.