Why Get Involved in the VVMA?

Ever think about getting more involved in your state veterinary association but were not sure where to begin? Taking part in the VVMA is as easy as reaching out to any of the committee chairs, Executive Board members, or our Executive Director, Linda Waite-Simpson.  If there is an issue you feel strongly about or would like to help on a project, please let us know and we can point you in the right direction! Being involved has many rewards: aside from the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to advance our profession in Vermont, there is the sense of connectivity to your colleagues, an opportunity to form new bonds and friendships. Here’s what a few past presidents have to say about their experiences serving the VVMA:

Liz Alton, DVM
Green Mountain Animal Hospital, April 2016

I became involved in the VVMA when I first came to VT because I knew no one! I thought I might meet some like minded people through the veterinary community. Not only did I meet people who have become life long friends, I found that I enjoyed helping the local veterinary association fulfill its mission of helping Vermont animals and their owners! Starting with the Public Relations Committee (now called the Media Relations Committee), I helped write informational articles to be placed in local newspapers (long before the internet was so predominant..). Later, I helped develop the VVMA's first website and eventually served as the president of the association. Through it all, I grew to understand how important the VVMA is to my career and my life in Vermont. 

Ron Veenema, VMD
VT-NH Veterinary Clinic, April 2016

I've been on the VVMA board for 20 years. I was a committee member, then committee chair, then President, then Secretary/Treasurer. I continue to participate because it is my belief that service to our profession is necessary and worthwhile. It has been fun and rewarding to serve the profession that has given me a great livelihood for almost 43 years.

Lisa Nelson, VMD
Stowe, VT   April 2016

When I first joined VVMA I paid my dues and went to meetings—-that was it. When I became involved with VVMA committees, and eventually served on the Board of Directors and as President, a whole new perspective opened up—I had the opportunity to work with and learn from gifted colleagues, deal with issues and challenges that impacted all veterinarians and animals in Vermont, and felt very fortunate to truly belong and be part of our professional organization that makes such a difference. Being involved with VVMA leadership has enriched my life as a veterinarian beyond measure.

For more information or questions about how you can help your association, please contact the VVMA or call 802-878-6888