Winter Meeting 2022 - Exhibitor Virtual Gallery

For On-Demand Conference Registrants, be sure to play the Vendor Game to be eligible for a chance to win a $50 gift card.  Watch each video, write down each company's secret word and send the list to [email protected] or complete the form online below.  You will automatically be entered into our raffle.  Entries must be submitted prior to April 1, 2022.  


Virtual Vendor Game and Speaker Evaluations 


Alliance Animal Health
Stephen Heaney



Anivive LifeSciences
Steve Knochenmus



Bank of America
Nate Huwar



Blue Buffalo
Jen Smith



Paige Wilson



Martha Rose




Epicur Pharma
Jon Michaildes



Golden Veterinary Partners
Kevin Gouin



Colin Dudunake
Nat Lacey



Nutramax Laboratories
Connie Hayes



Purina Veterinary Diets
Lauren Koron
Cassie Mueck




Allison Rhines