Vermont Veterinary Medical Association

One Health Day

One Health Day is celebrated November 3 of each year. For 2017, the VVMA One Health Committee is presenting One Health Returns to the Library, the second year of a two-year project intended to educate readers in Vermont about One Health.  In 2016, VVMA partnered with about fifteen public libraries throughout the state of Vermont, offering table-top displays of eight books on One Health-themed and One Health-related subjects old and new including rabies, plague, spillover pathogens, and more.  In 2017, in phase one of our project, we will return to any of last year’s interested libraries with multiple copies of a book of their choosing from the One Health book collection for book club discussion.  A One Health Committee member will lead discussion if the library wishes. 

Some book clubs have already occurred and others will take place at a time of the library’s choosing before next year’s One Health Day. 

Libraries participating in book clubs include:

  • St. Johnsbury Athenaeum – St. Johnsbury – concluded
  • Jones Memorial Library – Orleans – 11/15/17
  • Goodrich Memorial Library – Newport – 1/18/18
  • Dailey Memorial Library – Derby – date to be scheduled
  • Dorothy Alling Memorial Library – Williston – date to be scheduled

In phase two of our project, we have collaborated with UVM’s Dana Medical Library for a new One Health book display for One Health Day 2017.  The display, which will include the VVMA One Health infographic, is available at Dana Library on Colchester Avenue for the month of November.  Both phases of the project can be seen on the One Health Commission’s website One Health Day Event Listing and map