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One Health


Veterinarians are uniquely qualified as One Health practitioners!  We work with animals in the context of the humans with whom they interact, their home environments/habitats, or both – so it’s apparent to us that human, animal, and environmental health are all parts of a whole.

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One Health papers of interest:
Setting the One Health Agenda and the Human–Companion Animal Bond
Gregg K. Takashima  and Michael J. Day 2014
Links Among Human Health, Animal Health, and Ecosystem Health
Peter Rabinowitz and Lisa Conti 2013
Toxicology, Environmental Health, and the “One Health” Concept
Danielle E. Buttke 2011
Public Health Threat of New, Reemerging, and Neglected Zoonoses in the Industrialized World
Sally J. Cutler, Anthony R. Fooks, and Wim H. M. van der Poel  2010
One Health Commission all about the human-animal bond 
September 28, 2013|Steve Dale | My Pet World